Study abroad

Every year, East Asia offers more and more opportunities for students to go overseas, whether it be for student exchange programs or internships. We propose that our students become acquainted with the websites below, in order to get a grasp on what programs are available. It is more than likely that during your master’s degree many of you will have the opportunity to reside in one of these countries. This will not only enrich your knowledge and offer you the opportunity to further develop yourselves, but also to create a great network of contacts. After all, this is perhaps the most important and enjoyable part of your visit. We sincerely recommend you try it!

South Korea

Scholarships to South Korea are offered by the South Korean Government, and further information is available on their website, Study in Korea.

The People’s Republic of China

Scholarships to Mainland China are available from the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, as well as via provincial authorities and universities. Information regarding the latter is available at CUCAS, as well as from individual universities. These include Zheijang University and Xiamen University, which is located in a superb city in the Fujian province. It is also worth looking at other universities and local governments to see what offers they currently have.


Academic visits to Taiwan are also available, and we recommend you check out Taiwanese Ministry of Education, as well as the Study in Taiwan website.


The Department of East Asia Studies currently has an exchange program with Kwansei Gakuin University, which is located in Nishinomiya, Japan. Both universities are able to send a maximum of two students a year. Our students will have the option of going on exchange to the Land of the Rising Sun for one or two semesters in order to study Japanese language, culture and history. In regards to scholarships, we highly recommend prospective students to go through the Study in Japan website.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Department of Asia and the Pacific, we receive a number of offers during the year for shorter trips and study tours to East Asia. Once such program is the EPRIE 2013 Exchange Program for Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe “Challenges for neighborly cooperation”.