Speaking Asian languages is an important part of your professional development. At the Faculty of International and Political Studies students will learn Chinese/Japanese/Hindi vocabulary and grammar, improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will also develop cultural, country study, political, media and social knowledge on East Asia.


With BA in Asian Studies graduate, students will be qualified to work within a variety of professional fields where there is a demand for expertise in Asia. Some of the student graduates from the Department of East Asian Studies find employment in governmental bodies like the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency or in companies cooperating in East Asia, such as Sinco. Moreover, student graduates in Asian Studies are able to procure employment in countries like China, Japan, Korea or South East Asia with foreign-invested companies, with international organizations like the United Nations or NGOs placed in the region of Asia. These positions include teachers, journalists as well as many others.

For Asian Studies students we will arrange special places for student trainings and internships. These include internships or trainings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Asia and the Pacific Region, the Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Lodz Marshall’s Office Bureau for International Cooperation and Promotion, the Lodz City Bureau of International Cooperation, Tourism and Promotion, as well as institutions and companies involved in cooperation with Asian countries.